Our 12 Step Process

The worst part of getting hired is being fired. Our hiring process is deisgned to improve your chances of long term success and growth with the Thrive Training Center inc. It also weeds out the faint of heart. Do you have what it takes to Thrive? Start the process to find out.


Step 1: Write a resume.

Step 2: Take Personality Test. Click Here

Step 3: Answer the Integrity Questionnaire. download

Step 4: Send us your resume, personality test results, and the integrity questionnaire via email at jobs@thrivesupport.com then call us in two days to follow up.

Paso Robles: (805) 369-2025

Atascadero: (805) 466-1483

Step 5: Initial Interview.

Step 6: Call in two days to follow up.

Step 7: The interactive interview.

Step 8: Call in two days to follow up.

Step 9: Interview with owners.

Step 10: Three day paid working trial.

Step 11: Call in two days to follow up.

Step 12: Welcome to the team, you are hired! Now you go through our 6 week employee training process.

How to improve your chances

Resume Writing 101:

No fancy paper or graphics

State what position you are applying for

explain why you would be a good fit for the position. Do not come off as arrogant, or boasting. Also try not to compare yourself to others.

Share your interests with us, and get us excited about what you do. "I can eat a 12 egg omelette." That is fun and exciting.

Share what struggles you have over come and what was your reflection process.

Following up with your interview process:

We want to know you care. Fact is we have to work with you we want to know you want to talk to us. By calling us and following up with us on your interview process you are taking the initiative we look for in our employees. We are giving you the tools to succeed.

The Personality Test:

This will take about 15 minutes, it is free and you will learn something about you. We have taken the test and it was very insightful to understanding what our strengths and weaknesses are. In order to make sure you fit in accordingly we need to get to know the real you. Don't worry it doesn't reveal any secretes just things like whether or not you are an introvert (Raleigh) or an extrovert (Anne).

Integrity Questionnaire:

The fact is you are looking for a job and more than likely want some money. This is a great thing however it also makes it tricky to get to know the real you. We come across a lot of people who want to get hired and they do a really great job at selling themselves. However after a short period of time, they just do not fit in with the company. We want to save you the time of getting fired. Your time is valuable, fill out the integrity questionnaire. .

Initial Interview:

This interview is held with our managers.

You will be asked a standard list of questions, just like everyone else.

We will want to know what you think our core values as a company should be

We will also want to know what characteristics are necessary to be a successful employee.

Interactive Interview:

This is a one hour long live action interviewing process. During this hour you will be tested in areas like stamina, brute strength, mind control, and mental toughness. Well maybe not those things. You will be given tasks and monitored on how you execute those tasks. You cannot really fail if you give it your all. Ways to fail are to look boring, disengaged, and not give an effort.

Interview with the Owners:

Anne and Raleigh are the owners and they are the last layer to your interview process.

If you make it past them you will be offered a 3 day paid trail. This means we will pay you to work for us for 3 days.

The purpose of the trial period is observe you a little bit longer and get to know you more. It will also give our employees a chance to work with you and meet you. This is important so that we know if the company is right for you.

You are hired!

If you get hired you will have a 6-week training process.

During this time you are on probation and may be let go at any time. Hopefully that will not have to happen.

during your 6-week training you will be trained on the specific areas you need to know about your job.

We look forwards to meeting you!



8981 La Linia Ave. Suite A, Atascadero, CA 93422

1131 Creston Road, Unit 98, Paso Robles, CA 93446


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