No Experience Neccesssary! We are changing the way instructors and students learn GYMNASTICS and PARKOUR.



Customer Service Representative (Front Desk)

Assist customers with enrollment

Process payments

Make ribbons

Process emails

Answer phones



Office Managers

Oversee the front desk employees

Process deposits

Lead office meetings

Human resources

Conflict-resolution with clients

Train office employees.

Instructor Assistants

Work directly with a lead instructor to help facilitate class management

Reinforce corrections and technique.

Lead Instructors

Teach the classes according to the content provided on ipads for the different levels and ages.

Create a safe and fun journey for the students.

Program Managers

Oversee the instructors that teach within their department.

Make content changes, consult with floor managers and owners.

Floor Manager

The key role of this position is make Thrive shine on a day to day basis.

Reinforce Thrive's core values during daily operations.

Maintain quality, consistency, and results of all aspects of training both for employees and students.

Manage daily operations, and handle any unforeseen circumstances.

Assistant Directors

Oversee the Assistants, Lead Instructors, Program Managers, and Floor Managers.

Hold departments accountable to their end goals.

Liaison between floor and office to assist in cohesiveness.

Looking for individuals with Charisma, Attentiveness, Assertive, Curiosity, Light Demeanor etc..

Things you should know.

All positions require 15-30 minutes of cleaning per shift.

Must be able to lift between 30-100 lbs depending on position.

We provide a 6-week paid initial training program.

Continued education and training throughout your employment.

All lesson planning provided and trained

Full and part-time positions available

Medical and Dental benefits for full-time.

Pay depends on your position and depth of knowledge.

Employees have performance reviews twice a year to discuss goals, strengths and weaknesses, success of the company and wages increases.

Questions to ask yourself..

Are you looking for a challenge?

Do you Self-reflect to improve yourself, have integrity?

Do you want to invest in yourself?

What character traits do you feel strong in and what traits do you still need to improve on?

Do you enjoy the in the moment process of doing activities, or do you feel more driven to finish a task and achieve the goal?

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to find autonomy, mastery, and purpose?

Do you face your fears or run from them?

The culture of Thrive is maintained through the company’s core values.

Relationships, Excellence, Learning, Integrity, and Communication. (RELIC).

Relationships: Building a relationship looks different depending on people involved. Teacher with student, customer service with client, manager with owner. This segment will help you to build a relationship through your actions and words. Body language will be a key component in segment, as well as respect, trust, sincerity, and our ability to be approachable.

Excellence: Excellence is seen in to categories. There is the excellence of the employee and their performance and then how we care for the product (student).

1. Employee (personal): Should possess the following character traits naturally: High energy, excitement, charisma, laughter, smiles, and light demeanor to have the most success as a Thrive employee.

2. Employee working with student: You will strive for excellence in how you treat, guide and nurture the student through the following:

Learning: How we listen and receive information determines the success of how we understand the information and how we implement it.

Tools for effective listening: Listening, acceptance of Information or redirection, ask questions (curiosity), collaborate and provide feedback, self-awareness, and self-directing-being part of the process.

Integrity: The integrity of Thrive is our core values. As employees your job is to uphold the integrity of the company by learning and implementing RELIC.

Every individual has their own integrity and as a company it has its own integrity. Our goal is to uphold the integrity of the company by being true to our core values and providing the support and training to our staff to do so as well.

Communication: The desired outcome of the communication process is understanding. A good communicator has the ability to empathize and put themselves in the other person’s shoes.



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